Thursday, March 14, 2013

Podcasts and Gaming

My struggle continues between working on my podcasts and playing LOTRO game. Today podcasting won out for the most part. I'm trying to release two or even three (I know that's crazy) episodes of my Knights of the Guild podcast a month. So far I've barely managed to get one episode done a month. I have a ton of season six interviews that I have to go through and organize so of course it takes me a lot longer to edit these podcasts. But I am determined to get at least one episode done before I allowed myself to start playing LOTRO.

And that's exactly what I did. Took me about four hours but I got the next KOTG episode edited, sweetened, converted, uploaded, show note written and released. Afterwards I was in my podcasting mode so I actually spent another few hours doing podcasting maintenance.

As you all know I'm been kind of slacking with all my podcasts as of recent. So I decided to make this awesome new excel spreadsheet that lists all my podcasts, how I promote them and various other important information. Sometimes it's hard keeping track of everything and with this "cheap sheet" it makes life a bit easier. It also shows me how much work I really put into my podcasting. I spent an hour updating several websites that I normally post about the podcast but missed the past six or seven podcasts. After doing all this I actually felt a sense of accomplishment when it came to my podcasts and I haven't felt that in a while... it was good feeling.

At this point it was evening and I did reward myself with a few hours of LOTRO. It was a very productive day. It also showed me that when I want to I can set my mind of one thing and accomplish it without distractions. Just wish I did it more.

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