Friday, March 15, 2013

Leveling Up

Spent the day leveling up my Lord of the Rings Online characters. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I have four characters that I am currently playing on LOTRO. My main one Drialdo is my Hobbit, he was at level 35 and now is 36, my female human Kiwyn was 25 and is now 26, my male Elf, Gillthalion was 20 and is now 21 but my biggest leveling was my Dwarf Arikk, he was level 16 and I was determined to get him to at least level 20 so I could buy a stead and travel alot faster around Middle Earth. By the end of the day I did manage to get him to level 20 and he's now the proud owner of a little dark brown pony named Daper (he came with that name and I liked it, so it's staying).

Sometimes the gaming bug gets me and regardless of what my plans are for the day I am a slave to the game... and you know what.. I'm cool with that :)

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