Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Buffy Rewatch/1st Time Continues...

Wednesday means Buffy time with my best bud Robert. Tonight we ordered in Italian. We are on the later half of season five. We started with "I Was Made To Love You" An odd girl who turns out to be a robot roams Sunnydale looking for her boyfriend Warren, becoming violent when impeded -- and especially when he tells her that he is in love with someone else. Spike asks Warren to create a robot of Buffy for him. When Buffy returns home, she finds her mother dead on the living room couch.

I really enjoyed this episode. Had some great moments and some very sad moments. I loved the scene where Buffy is talking to the Robot girl and painting Warren in a good light to make her happy before she dies. I like that Buffy realizes that she doesn't need a guy, she needs to take care of herself first.  And I totally forgot the ending of this episode, I thought it was all in the next episode but when Buffy comes home and find her mom wide eyed and pale on the couch and says "mommy" and then it goes to black.. so heart wrenching.

Next up was "The Body" Buffy is shocked to find her mother dead after returning home, and has to learn how to cope with her loved one's death.

I love this episode, not only because of the amazing acting by everyone but there isn't a single piece of background music or noise. It makes for some very awkward moments that work. I loved Anya finally breaking down because she "doesn't understand". Dawns breakdown that we see from the point of view of the kids in the class room. I love how this episodes was directed and shot.. so many cool things.

 Our third episode of the night "Forever"  Following Joyce's death, Buffy questions her ability to cope now that her mother is dead, while Dawn attempts to bring her mother back to life through the power of magic.

Another solid episode, lots of great acting from Michele (Dawn) and Sarah Michele (Buffy). It was good to see Angel return for the funeral. I wasn't surprised at what Dawn did but I'm glad she realized what she did before it was to late.

And for our final episode of the evening "Intervention" Giles sends Buffy on a spiritual quest in the desert. Warren delivers the Buffybot to Spike. Xander and Anya see Spike and the Buffybot (whom they mistake for Buffy) have sex. Spike is kidnapped by Glory's minions and Glory decides to torture Spike for The Key's location. Buffy's spiritual journey leads her to the First Slayer, who tells her that death is her gift. Buffy returns and the confusion between herself and the Buffybot is soon sorted out, and they all head to rescue Spike.

Lot's of laughs in this one. It was great to see Glory again, Ben makes the mistake of letting Glory know that the key is a person. I love that Glory minions  mistake Spike as being the key. And though everyone though Spike would fold and tell Glory who the key is.. he didn't and almost was beaten to death for it.  Buffybot was awesome. And I love the final scene when Buffy pretends to be the Buffy bot and Spike reveals that she would never tell Glory that Dawn was the key because it would devastate Buffy. This act showed how much he truly cares for her. I like that she gave him a kiss and that he realized it was the real Buffy.

We only got four more episodes for season five. We should be able to watch the rest next Wednesday. I'm bummed that Robert already knows how season five ends.. at least he doesn't know the details. Can't wait to finish up season five next week.

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  1. My favorite Buffy character has to be the potential Vi, only because I have a huge internet crush on Felicia Day.