Friday, May 3, 2013

More Fires, Star Trek Email & Shots of Fireball

Today started with several more fires, so we now had five big fires going.. the closest was Glendale, which is still some distance away from me but the smoke filled the air around my house and you could smell it. At first I was sure there was a fire closer to me so I headed outside but couldn't see any dark smoke.. instead the entire valley below had this gray haze over it. The winds were blowing north west from Glendale.. and guess where I live.. yep, north west of Glendale. Luckily they got a hold of that fire rather quickly and by mid day the smoke and smell was gone.

Saw an ad for a Star Trek related email address for $15 a year. You could choose from, or I wasn't a fan of the Enterprise one so I had to choose from the other two. I liked To Boldly Go but I couldn't resist having a email address. I wasn't sure if I should go with a Star Trek character' s name like (and if I did I would then have to choose which character) or go with my internet handle or just my name In the end I went with my handle as I'm Geekyfanboy all over the internet. So I purchased Only thing I did wrong is I selected email account rather then forwarding account. I should have made it a forwarding account so I could use the address but all emails would go to my gmail account. Oh well.. maybe I can change it down the road. If you're interested in getting a Star Trek email account.. check them out HERE.

Tonight my buddy Will came over to hang out. He brought some tasty Mexican food, we had a few shots of Fireball whiskey (this was my first time having it.. totally loved it, almost as much as Rumplemintz) and we watched the pilot episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Will has only seen a few episodes of DS9). But after dinner, the shots and DS9 we spent the next four hours chatting about life. That's one thing Will and I are good at... talking.. about any and everything. We were up till around 2am before calling it night and going to bed (Will crashed at my place.) It was a fun evening. Will and I don't get to spend as much time together as I would like but the time we do get to spend is priceless to me.

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