Thursday, May 2, 2013


Fires season has begun.. well here in SoCal it's fire season year round but today there were actually three different fires happening within a 60 mile radius of me. My house was never in any threat but it got me thinking about fire danger. It is the only thing I really have to worry about living out in a rural area.. I have wanted to remove brush that's at the top of the hillside, next to my back deck for several years but it's hard work and of course I could pay someone to do it but funds are low at the moment. So for now I just hope that a brush fire doesn't start at the bottom of my hill.

People say it all the time.. Brush fires are what we deal with to live out in nature and it's true. It really isn't a bad trade off, I mean in the 3 1/2 years that I have lived here our house has been threaten once.. so the odds have been in my favor. Let's hope they hold out.

On a different topic.. I got new sheets for my bed. I've been wanting to get new ones for a while but king size sheets are so dang expensive. But I went on ebay a few days ago and found a nice set of chocolate brown satin sheets for about $40 with shipping. Well they arrived today and I put them on my bed.. can't wait to go to sleep.. I love new sheets.

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