Tuesday, June 18, 2013

House Woes

Owning a house is great most of the times.. but man sometime it just sucks.

I continue my slow and steady painting of the window trim around my house. I have lots of windows, it takes so long just taping off everything, painting and then re-painting. I figure it's going to take me at least another week to finish all the trim including the top trim around the house and the trim around the garage.

A new house issue showed up today, while painting I realized that my plants and trees looked a little bit more brown then they should be during summer time, come to find out that my watering system isn't working. I don't know how long it's been out but from the look of my plants and tress it's been a while. :(

First thing I did was grab the hose and begin watering everything... that took about an hour (I have lots of plants and trees). I then went on to search for where the main control was for the watering system. I know we have two in the back of the house that water the back area, that we really don't use. They run on batteries so my idea is that the batteries must be dead for the front sytem.. my only problem is I don't know where the control is.  

I emailed Harry as he dealt with the water system in the past and he told me where to find the device. I checked it out and and come to find out that it's powered through electricity so that crushed my plan to fix it with a battery. I should have known it wasn't going to be that easy. I re-started and re-programed everything and tried to run some tests but I couldn't get it to work. I looked up the company who made it and they are still around so it looks like I'm going to have to call and have someone come out to take a look at the entire system... which of course means more $$$ that I don't have being jobless. So for now I'll continue watering everything by hand. It's a pain in the butt but I have to revive these plants and trees.. everything's gotta look great for when I put the house up on the market.

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