Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Buffy Time

So it's been a few weeks since Robert and I had our Buffy night rewatch/1st time so we were both excited to pick that back up again tonight. We are actually in the middle of the final season, season seven. We started the night off with S7 Ep 12 "Potential" Willow learns from her contacts that there is another Potential Slayer in Sunnydale. She casts a reveal spell that makes all the Scooby Gang (except Buffy, who is not home) think this new Potential is Dawn. Dawn runs into her friend Amanda, who tells her that all sorts of strange things have been happening to her. The two go to the school to investigate. Their encounter with vampires and Bringers leads Dawn to realize that Amanda is the actual Potential, not her. Dawn and Amanda escape and Buffy, Spike, and Xander arrive in time to defeat the Bringers.

A good episode, you really believe that Dawn is a potential and it makes sense as they used the blood of the slayer to create her.. but of course you find out it's Amanda who happen to be standing on the other side of the front door when Willow did the spell. This is one of the very few episode that I actually enjoyed Xander. His speech to Dawn about being the "sidekick" with no powers and just being "support" was touching and truthful. It was a great moment between Dawn and Xander.  Also I was shocked with Spike and Buffy left the four potential in the crypt with the vampire to fend for themselves.

Next up was S7 Ep 13 "The Killer In Me" Willow must face her own demons after her first kiss with Kennedy has an unexpected, magical result. Buffy gets in touch with the government about Spike's chip, which is malfunctioning.

Another good episode, it was good seeing Willow deal with the death of Tara finally and move on with Kennedy. I mean I loved Willow and Tara but Kennedy is very sweet as well. She'll be good for Willow. And finally Spike gets that stupid chip taken out of his head. I didn't like Giles reaction to this news. Buffy did the right thing. I liked that Xander, Anya, Dawn and Andrew headed to the desert to capture Giles, who they think is the 1st evil.

And our final episode of the night S7 Ep 14 "First Date" Principal Wood asks Buffy out to dinner, to which she accepts partly because she likes him and partly because she is intrigued as to what he really is. Xander also agrees to go out at night with Lissa, a girl he meets at a tool demo somewhere in Sunnydale. Things go very differently for them. Buffy finds out Robin Wood is in fact the son of a Slayer, while Xander's date turns out to be a demon. Willow receives an SOS text message from Xander and she and Spike round up Buffy and Wood to rescue Xander. Wood finds out Spike is a vampire. Later, The First shows itself to Wood in the guise of his dead mother and tells him it was Spike who killed her.

Lots happen in this episode, the reveal of Principle Woods being the son of the New York Slayer and him finding out that Spike it the one that killed her.. bit stuff. Xander and he bad luck with women continue, I like that Andrew didn't let the 1st talk in into being bad again.. Andrew is really trying to be a "good guy".

We're more then halfway through this final season. I'm happy that it's almost over as we get to move on to something new but I'm also sad to see it end because it's BUFFY!!! I think our next series to watch is going to be Smallville, which I'm excited for as I only saw the first two and a half seasons.

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