Sunday, June 16, 2013

D&D, Dinner & Dad's Day

First of all Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dad's out there.. I hope to join your ranks in the not to far future. I was suppose to hang out with my dad yesterday but he forgot and made plans. I could have seen him for a few hours but the fact that it takes me two hour to drive there and 2 hours to get home I didn't want to be on the road longer then I would be visiting. So I made plans to hang out with him tomorrow. 

Today was D&D (Pathfinder). We planned to start early as it's our friend and fellow player Luis' birthday and we planned to do dinner and cake afterwards. So I got to Dallas' place around 1:45, well ahead of the 2pm start time. Unfortunately not many others showed up on time. I don't think we actually got started with the game until around 3:30 (which just happens to be our normal start time).

Lot's of battling was happening and I was having a blast until I rolled a 1 and my very nice and fancy Quarter staff was snapped in half (btw that is my main weapon, being a Wizard).  I then rolled another 1 and had a critical fail which in turn made me stab my own hand with my dagger. Of course I couldn't roll a 1 again.. I mean three times in one session is impossible.. well not for me. Luckily nothing broke this time.. but the fact that I tried to throw an enchanted coin away from the group and instead it bounced off the wall and went right back into the middle of the group wasn't good.

The worse part of this session was being attacked and took 14 hit points. My hit points for my character are 8 and I was down one from the hand stabbing this hit brought me down to -7. I was unconscious and near death for about an hour (well in D&D time it was about 10 hours). No one was able to heal me but lucky for me they were able to stabilized me so at least I wasn't going to lose 1 hit point per round.. but I wasn't out of the woods yet. So I laid there dying while everyone else fought. Calvis avenged my near death stabbing by killing the person who almost killed me with one blow.  Everyone rested and soon they were able to heal the wounded. I was healed back up to 0 and finally back up to 7 before we took on the big bad. This session ended on a cliffhanger and I can't wait to play in two weeks to see what happens.

That was a close call for Dash, I don't like the idea of a character in D&D actually dying and not being able to play them again. I mean you put all this work in a character and they can actually die. Not a fan of that rule.

Anyways at around 7:45 we finished D&D and headed over to Pitfire Pizza for dinner. It was fun walking over there as it's a good mile or so away and there was a group of 12 or 13 of us. We got there ordered and ate for the next few hours. We haven't done a big group outing like this in a while so it was nice hanging with everyone. When we were done most of us headed back to Dallas and Jes' place and we surprised Luis with a yummy Birthday cake. We sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and chatted for another hour. Finally around 11pm I called it a night and headed home. It was another awesome D&D session and a fun dinner with friends. Thanks all. And Thanks for not letting my little Halfling Wizard die.

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