Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marian Call House Concert

Today is the day I've been waiting for the past few months. Marian Call is performing at my house. It all started with a text that I received from my buddy Luis asking if I was interested in hosting a Marian Call house concert. I didn't hesitate to say yes. I've seen her in concert several times and love her music. The next task was getting folks to come out to my place for it. My goal was to get 30 to 35 people for the concert. That way Marian would have a decent chance of getting some donations and making this concert worth the trip. Slowly but surely the guest list grew and soon we hit the 35 guests mark. I was excited. Then the week of the concert we started to lose people for various reasons and I understand things come up and so on but we still had about 30 people coming. Well that was until the day before and the day of the event. Suddenly it was like a mass exodus and 11 people dropped out at the last minute. That left 19 guests for this Marian Call house party, a far cry from the 35 that I thought I had only a few weeks ago. Again I'm not upset and I understand things come up I'm just disappointed in myself at not being able to gather a large enough group of friends to hit my goal.

Anyways.. my buddy Brett came over last night to help me get things set up in the morning. I only had a few things to do. Wanted to water the trees, pull some weeds, clean up the kitchen area and master bathroom. I also needed to go shopping and pick up some water, chips and soda. We were done around 1pm and folks started to show up. Soon the majority of the people were here and then Marian and her guitarist Bryan arrived. We agreed upon a spot for them to set up and then everyone helped bring in their equipment. Soon we were ready to go. A few more people arrived and we took our seats and the concert began. She sang for the next hour or so before taking a break to sell some CD's and sign some autographs. We chatted and snacked for about 30 minutes and then they did another 30 to 45 minute set. She did new stuff and classic songs. It was fantastic.

One of many things I love about Marian is audience participation, like "Shark Week". I love that she's so interactive with her audience.

Once the show was over she and Bryan hung out with us for the rest of the night. We talked, played some Card Against Humanity and Space Team. As it was hitting 9pm I realized there were still a about 12 people here so I suggested making spaghetti for dinner, it's something that I have a lot of and it feeds alot. As I made the pasta and sauce, Marian grilled some veggies to mix into the sauce and my friend Rebecca helped with the bread. We had dinner ready in no time. After dinner we talked for a bit more and then the party started to come to an end.

Though we didn't get as many people as I was expecting or hoping for it was still a very fun an intimate concert. Thanks Marian for choosing my house, thanks to Luis for connecting Marian and I and thanks to all those who came the enjoy the music, Robert, Jes, Aaron, Dallas, Luis, Doug, Rupert, Becca, Will, Tamar, Anne, Andrew, Angelique, Troy, Nicki, Rebecca, Steve and a special thanks to Brett who helped me set up, go shopping and clean up afterwards.. Thanks to you all for making this a great day.

You can check out more pictures from the concert HERE.

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