Friday, July 5, 2013

Bros, Buffy & Webseries

Robert, Chris and I got up around 8am and got ready for our day. We headed out to iHop for some breakfast before making our way back to my house. Robert was joining us for the weekend. First thing we did when we got to Santa Clarita was find a Men's Warehouse as Chris needed to rent a tux for a party on Saturday. With one day notice they couldn't guarantee that the tux would be ready by tomorrow but Chris took a chance. The lady took his measurements and he left a deposit.. all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that it comes in tomorrow morning.

We headed back to my place and crashed. Robert and I wanted to finish up our Buffy rewatch/1st time as we only had four more episode left for the series. Chris was cool with watching even though he's never seen Buffy.. he wanted to be part of our Buffy and Bros and what better time to join us then at our final Buffy and Bro viewing.

We started with with S7 Ep 19 "Empty Places" The citizens of Sunnydale flee en masse and Sunnydale becomes a ghost town. Willow uses magic to get information from the police on Caleb, and Spike and Andrew leave to pursue a lead. Buffy confronts the group and demands that they make better choices, and reveals her plans for another attack, at which point the group pass a vote of no confidence in Buffy. Buffy leaves and Faith reluctantly becomes the new leader.

A good episode.. everyone losing faith in Buffy has been building up the past few episodes. It was nice to see Faith take control of the group. Spike and Andrew were great comedy relief.. they make a fun duo.

Then we moved onto S7 Ep 20 "Touched" A depressed Buffy is comforted by Spike while the Scoobies capture and interrogate a Bringer. Faith decides on a plan.

Another good episode.. I really dislike "emo" Buffy so I'm glad it only last this episode. Faith and Robin taking a tumble in the sack would seem to go along with Faith's personality. I liked that Spike berated everyone for throwing Buffy out. They all deserved a good talking to. Faith taking the girls into a trap was nice and Buffy realizing what she has to do to fight Caleb and finds the  scythe.

And the second to last episode was S7 Ep 21 "End of Days" The stage is set for the the final battle with The First.

This episode was pretty much a set up for the finale that was about to come. Buffy rescues the potentials and Faith after the trap. She is leader again. They find out that the scythe was made by a group of women for the slayer. I read that the scythe was introduced in Joss' comic book Fray (about a future Slayer) so it was nice to see it here in the TV series. I liked the final battle between Caleb and Buffy with the help of Angel. I liked that Spike is the Champion that Angel was talking about, that he has a bigger role in the apocalypse.

And finally we watched the final episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer S7 Ep 22 "Chosen" depicting the events leading to and including the final battle between the Potential Slayers, organized by Buffy and her friends and The First Evil.

A great ending to a fantastic series. I loved the idea of Buffy/Willow taking the power that was used to create the scythe and giving it to all the girls/women who were/are potential Slayers all around the world. Now there are hundreds of Slayer to fight evil. The final battle was epic. I remember when I first watched this 10 years ago and Anya dying so matter of factly caused an uproar from the fans. But like with most of Joss' deaths, life happens.. sometimes people die not in a blaze of glory, some die fighting and it's over in a matter of seconds. I was sad that she died as I always loved Anya.

Overall is was a fantastic rewatch, I hadn't seen most of this series since it originally aired over ten years ago. It was fun being able to share this series with my best bud Robert. He loved the series which makes watching it again even better.

We're not sure what we are going to move on to next... There are so many great scifi/fantasy TV series that I would love to share with Robert.. .Angel, Smallville (only seen first 2 seasons), Babylon 5 (only seen first season), Farscape, X-Files, the list goes on an on. So stay tuned to find out what we pick next for our Rewatch/1st time viewings.

After watching Buffy Robert, Chris and I started working on the webseries that Chris and I are writing. We have six episodes written and the three of us went through them to punch them up a bit. I wanted to include some more "slap stick" in them. In the end we found out that they had a good deal of slapstick in them already but we did make some tweaks as we read them out loud to each other.

Another awesome day with two of my most favorite people in the world. Wish everyday could be spent with these two guys. 

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