Thursday, July 4, 2013

Friends, Fireworks & Fun

Got up around 8am and jumped online to check emails and such, Chris was up as well and I found out later that he had already gone for a run. We made our traditional biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then headed out to my buddy Will's parents place out in Rancho Palos Verdes for a 4th of July celebrations. On our way down it dawned on me that we would drive by Robert's place so I texted him to see if he wanted Chris and I to pick him up for the party. He did so we stopped by his place and grabbed him. Our next stop was our friend Rupert's house. He left his wallet at my place last Sunday after the Marian Call concert. We had to make a slight detour to get to his place but he couldn't drive unless he had his license. We then stopped by a grocery store as Chris wanted to pick up some steaks and then finally we stopped at Bev Mo to pick up some alcohol.

We were now ready to get to the party. We made our way up the windy road. I knew Will's parent lived in a nice house overlooking Long Beach but I had no idea how awesome it was going to be. We arrived and parked and our friend Brett and Doug were already there. We unloaded and I got to met Will's Dad & Mom. Now I've known will for many many years and he's talks about his parents to me and vice verse all the time, but this is the first time I actually got to meet them and I have to say they did not disappoint. They were friendly, sweet, funny and just loving people. It's as if we've been friends forever. I see why Will is the way he is.. totally makes sense now.

We finished unloading and saying hi to everyone. It was hot so we changed into our swimming shorts and jumped in the pool. At first it was just Chris and I, then Brett joined us, then Robert and finally Doug. Kim sat in the lawn chair and Will and his parents finished getting things ready. Soon more and more people arrived. I knew about half the folks. We ate all day long, they had a ton of fruit, chips, cookies and veggies for snacks and they would BBQ sausages, veggies, chicken, and ribs throughout the day.  We drank ale and beer most of the day.

We went into the pool several times throughout the day. One of these times Will introduced us to a game called "Toothpick". You take a toothpick and place it between your toes and then jump into the deep end of the pool and release it. Then a group of six or seven of us stand on the outside trying to visually find the toothpick and when you do you have to jump in and while you are jumping in you have to grab the toothpick on your way in. You can't search for it or grab on your way up. It's tough but a ton of fun. I only manage to get it three times but Chris and Will were neck n' neck and in the end Chris got to 10 first.

We shot a BB gun outback. We were shooting some cups and cans.. Will shot both a cup and a can and it took me to my third try but I did it... I shot a can as well. I think we were the only two people who actually hit something.

Becca came to the back to tell me that Will wants to see me out front so I go out there and he points to a house that's only a few hundred yards away and who do I see there on the back porch waving at me.. my friend Ben who I used to work with. He lives just around the corner from Will's parents. We actually drove over to his house and checked it out. It was good seeing Ben.

Once back at Will's parents place the sun had gone down and the fireworks had begun. Will told me that we'd be able to see a few different fireworks going off.. he wasn't kidding. We say hundreds of fireworks going off. There were several big events like the Queen Mary in Long Beach and Disneyland and Home Depot Center but there were a ton of private fireworks going off and we could see them all.. it was pretty amazing.

Chris grilled his steaks and several of us enjoyed a steak dinner. The party started to come to an end. When I first got to Will's, Chris, Robert and I intended on staying the night as I won't ever drink and drive. But Robert was having trouble with his contact lens in his right eye and forgot to bring his contact stuff and wanted to go home, so I stopped drinking a few hours before we left. Robert stopped before me so when it came time to leave I was sober but still didn't want to drive so Robert drove. We went back to Robert's place to crash for the night.

Overall it was a fantastic day and a great celebration of America's birthday. Will and his parents were fantastic hosts and we couldn't have asked for a better place to see a ton of fireworks.


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