Monday, July 1, 2013

Hobbits, Hobbits and more Hobbits

Still recovering from the awesome day that was yesterday (Marian Call concert). Everything was clean expect the kitchen, but I didn't feel like cleaning much. So instead I released my next MASH podcast and then jumped onto Lord of the Rings Online, which I will talk more about in a minute.. first there was a big surprise today when Peter Jackson released another production video. If you don't know who Peter is, he's the director and co-writer of The Lord of the Rings movies and now the Hobbit trilogy. He's been releasing these great behind the scenes production videos with really interesting fact and footage from the making of The Hobbit movies. This was the first one for the new The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. (aka Hobbit 2)

Of course this video is another home run.. like the 10 before this one it's full of fun and interesting information and it gives you just a hint of what we will be seeing this coming fall to get you really pumped for the movie. I really appreciate Mr. Jackson taking the time to do these and I hope to see many more in the future.

Now back to LOTRO, they were doing a Treasure Hunt event for the past four days. It was taking place out in Dwarf land (Ered Luin). You had to do two tasks and earn pic axes and then go and dig in holes and find various treasures. Only issue was you had a 15 minute cool down time between tasks. So I'd do the two tasks then go and clean up or do something around the house for 15 minutes and then come back and do it again. Each time you completed a task you got 2 pic axes and a good chunk of XP. I did this back and forth for about 10 hours on the first day, 2 hours on the second day, 0 hours on the third day, 1 hour on the fourth and what I thought was the final day. But they extended the treasure hunt one more day so today I spent a good 13 hours playing every 15 minutes.. There were three mounts you could possibly find, they were hidden in what they called the HUGE Cache. I did manage to get all three of the mounts, the first was the more common one, the treasure laden pony, then I got the pony with the cave claw mask and finally today only a few hours before it ended I got my treasure laden goat.. named Dunken. He's pretty awesome. I mean I love my seven other ponies but riding a goat is pretty cool. During the 26 hours of play over five days I got a ton of awesome goodies, huge amount of XP (I actually leveled up from 43 to 47 and a few really cool big prizes as I manage to find 12 of the HUGE Caches. It was a blast. Here's a pic of my Hobbit Drialdo on my goat Dunken

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