Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meeting Online Friends & Family Picnic

Today Chris and I only visited a few hours in the morning as I had to meet up with an out of town friend and then go to my family labor day picnic. Chris was going to have some one on one time with Jen until I got back home around 5pm.

I left the house around 10am and headed to Disneyland where I was meeting up with an online/forum friend Rick Peete who is from the Chicago area. We meet on the Treks in Sci Fi Podcast forum many years ago. He was at Disneyland running a 5 and 10k marathon this weekend. Being this close to me we had to meet even if it was only for a moment. So I got to Disneyland and Downtown Disney and texted that I was here. After going back and forth for a bit and an half hour of walking around the Disneyland Hotel area I finally found him and it was as if we were long lost friends seeing each other after many years. He was as friendly and nice as I expected him to be. He introduced me to his wife and son. While he was dealing the marathon stuff I chatted with them and talked gaming with his son. I spent about an hour hanging out with them. He's coming back in March for the LA Marathon so we are going to try and hang out for a bit more then.

I said my goodbye to his awesome family and made my way about 30 minutes west to where my Dad's side of the family was having their annual Labor Day Picnic. I got there around 1:30pm and planned to stay until 3ish as I wanted to get home around 5pm. Well I haven't seen some of these family members for a while and we talked and had an awesome time visiting. I pushed back my time to leave to 4pm but then my cousin Renee came over to our table and we caught up with each other. I finally left this event around 4:30pm and headed home. Chris and Jen were waiting for me to go to dinner so I tried to get home as quickly as I could without killing myself. I manage to pull into my driveway around 6:15pm and was not expecting what I saw!!!!

... to be continued (next blog)

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