Friday, August 30, 2013

Picnic in the Park

For today's activities, Chris and I got up early and had breakfast. We hung out talked the majority of the day. This was my only Kenny and Chris one on one time I was going to get for this trip. We just enjoyed each other's company. We tried to get my router to work with a Minecraft server so we could play together but something happened and we broke it and now it's not even doing my wireless. Chris tried and tired to fix it but alas it was unfixable.

Later in the day Chris planned a "Hang with Chris One Last Time Picnic" at Griffith park. We headed out around 2pm and went to the store to get some items needed for the picnic. We got to Griffith around 4pm and the spot we wanted to use (the old Zoo) was being used by the Shakespeare in the park company so we opted for a spot at the lower level. Chris and I were there for an hour before more people started to show up. He and I played some extreme bocce ball. When Elie and Brett showed up we through around a frisbee for a bit. We got the BBQ going had some hot dogs.

Little by little more people arrived, we soon had around 15 people and it was getting dark fast. We could no longer play any games so we sat around talking and eating. Luckily for us the Shakespeare people put up some light in the walkway as the play was ending soon so that gave us some light.  The only light we had before were four little candle lights that Kim had (thankfully). The picnic/party came to an end around 10pm as the park closed at 10:30.

Chris was very happy with the turn out. He got to see a bunch of Guildies and friends and that's exactly the reason we put on this picnic... one final hurrah before deployment.

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