Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Geek Question & Picking Up My BFF

Posted another Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter. I asked if you are a Trekkie when which is your favorite Star Trek Series. TOS (The Original Series), TNG (The Next Generation), DS9 (Deep Space Nine), VOY (Voyager) or ENT (Enterprise).

I got about thirty responses and the majority of the people said (as expected) TNG was their favorite. Now I'd say about a third (the older fans) said TOS had a special place in their heart as it's the series that introduced them to Trek. I had several say DS9 was their favorite as it was the best written and another few say Voyager as it's the Trek that they grew up with.

For me it's tough as I watched TOS as a kid but it didn't grab me like Star Wars. I didn't really become a Trekkie until TNG and I was in love. So TNG is my favorite but DS9 was amazing and I agree it was the best written Trek but I have a soft spot for Voyager as I loved Captain Janeway. Enterprise was good the first time I watched it. I enjoyed it but didn't think it was anything special but rewatching the series I have really grown to love it. As for the original series, I haven't seen every episode or if I have I can't recall them all like I can with the newer ones. I do plan to one day go back and watch from the beginning all of TOS. That's going to be a blast!!! Tell me your favorite in the comments below.

In the evening I headed out to the Ontario Airport to pick up my best bud Chris. He was visiting for the labor day weekend. This was going to be the last time I would get to see him until sometime in mid 2014 as he's being deployed to Kuwait. He flew in around 11:30pm. As always it was awesome seeing his smiling face as he came down the escalator. Not a lot of chatting was happening in the car, we were both very tired, but there was this feeling of comfort of being in the same space together and that was pretty amazing. Can't wait to spend the next four days hanging out.

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