Monday, August 26, 2013

Webseries Announcement

The Cast
I would like to officially announce the title the webseries that Chris and I have been working on for over a year. :: Drum roll please :: .... GE3K'S Company

Here's the synopsis: GE3K'S Company is a webseries that follows the adventures of a middle-aged gay man and his two younger female roommates: one is starting over, one is living the dream, and one has barely begun. Watch as they try to navigate through the ups and downs of their geeky lives with the help of their quirky yet lovable friends. 

How did this all come about?? 

San Diego Comic Con 2012, Chris, Jes, Olivia and I were driving down to San Diego to enjoy the festivities. Jes and Olivia were talking about moving down to the L.A. area and I was planning to sell my house so we got to talking about becoming roommates. And I mentioned.. oh that would be funny, it's like Three's Company except the male roommate really is gay. Then Chris mentioned that we should set up cameras inside our new house and video tapes everything.. kind of like a big brother show. None of us were keen on being filmed all the time but it did spark an idea in my head. I mentioned that Jes, Olivia and I should do a kind of spoof on Three's Company and called it's Geek's Company. It would pretty much just be us doing what we do. None of us are actors so it was going to be more real life then acting. Everyone loved the idea so Chris and I took it even further. On the way back from con we came up with some story ideas, other characters/friends to include, everything just flowed. 

At one point either Chris or I decided to invert the second E in Geek's to a 3 so when you see the title GE3K'S Company you can also see our homage to Three's Company.

We wrote the first episode within an hour, and episodes two and three within a day. As I mentioned the story just flowed, Chris and I were on the same page with everything. I'd start a sentence and he'd finish it.. it was pretty amazing.

Of course as time has gone on we've tweaked the characters more and more so they aren't exactly like ourselves. Come to find out that our lives are boring so we had to amp them up a bit. But each character has elements of the person playing them.

We are currently in pre-prodution. We have six of the ten planned episode written. We are currently not scheduled to shot anytime soon. Chris' deployment to Kuwait for six month has delayed us a bit but during this time we will finish writing the remaining four episodes and schedule everything so when he gets back we can officially go into production. We may be moving slowly.. but at least we are moving forward.

A few months before we start shooting we will be doing a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign and try and get some start up money. We got some very fun "rewards" for donors. Can't wait to get that started.

Follow us at @GE3KSCompany on twitter for the latest up to date news.


  1. Yeee haw!!! Can I be one of the quirky friends??? Oh, wait, I already am.....LOL
    Well you know Matt and I will play any part you give us, from Extras to walk on roles to lines or whatever! <3 LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!
    BTW when you begin to scout locations, let me know. You could use our house if you needed to. We have a nice big backyard with a green lawn and a hammock.

    Everyone would be welcome and Olivia could cook!!! :) Have I mentioned yet how stinkin' proud of you I am? A+ A+ A+++ from the teachers!!!