Friday, September 20, 2013

"Get Fit" Week 7

This wasn't a great week, especially for working out but that changed on Wednesday (well Thursday really) when some of my friends grouped together and got me a new elliptical for my upcoming birthday. The elliptical was a huge part of my daily workout so it's so awesome to have it back again.

I continue to struggle with food, I can happily say that I only ate out once this week which is pretty big for me. I'm hoping to keeping the eating out/ fast food to once or twice a week. I'll soon have a "bullet" (high speed blender) that my brother is getting me for my birthday and I'll start eating more vegetables as I have found I can drink spinach, broccoli and other veggies much easier then eating them.

I did weight myself this morning like I do every Friday morning. Last week I was at 204lbs and today I am at 202lbs. So I lost two pounds this week... yay!!! I'm hoping with this new elliptical and working out again and pounds will come off a bit faster and I'll get below 200 by next Friday. Wish me luck!!!   

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