Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Geek Question: Favorite Vehicles

I posted another Random Geek Question on Facebook and Twitter, Which is your favorite "vehicle" in Scifi & Fantasy and Why? Again it's funny which questions really resonates with the readers and which do not.. this one was a huge hit. I got over 30 responses. Some of the more popular choices were TARDIS, Delorean from BBTF, Serenity, Defiant from Deep Space Nine and Bat Mobile. Some of the more interesting ones, Echo 1 from Ghostbusters, Portal Gun from Portal, Moya from Farscape and Alpha fighters from Mospeda. 

As for my favorites I initially said Enterprise D or Speeder Bikes but after seeing what others have said I think my favorite of favorites would have to be Serenity. There is something about that ship that is just magical. But then again Moya is a living ship and I love that about her. There are just so many great vehicles in sci fi and fantasy.

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