Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding A Place To Live

Packing continues at a very slow rate. I think once the general house inspection is over and everything is in the clear I'll be able to really start packing things up. Right now things are in a limbo state. I have been getting emails from my realtor with questions & requests from the buyers. I'm worried that when they get the inspection evaluation, they are going to want me to fix every little detail which I will not. I still think they got this house at a steal. It's not brand new there are going to be minor fixes that they will have to do when the move in. I refuse to put any more money into this house even if it means these buyers pull out. Now if I sold the house for $20,000 more then what I did sell it for then yes I'd be happy to do the fixes but for the price they are paying.. not a chance. General inspection is this coming Tuesday.. wish me luck.

I have been thinking about where I want to move next. I have a bunch of friends who live within a few blocks of each other in North Hollywood. I, of course, would love to move within that neighborhood but the price of rent might be a bit to much for me if I moved into a one bedroom so I was considering getting a two bedroom and looking for a roommate. My buddy Robert and I have talked about moving in with each other in the past but in recent conversations I'm getting the feeling that he is not wanting to leave the Santa Monica area where he works. And I don't blame him, traffic can be a pain in the ass at times. So I put it out there on twitter and Facebook that I might be looking for a roommate and as I expected friends who don't live close by said they would love to roommate with me if they lived closer but I did get one person who seemed interested, my friend Red.

My other issue with moving is do I want to rent an apartment or a house. I have lived in this house for four years and then before that, Harry and I rented a house for a few years so can I go back to apartment living? I guess it will depend on the apartment. I already know my space will be limited. I have accepted that. I am going from a 2000 sq foot house to a less then 1000 sq foot apartment/house. My biggest issue are the neighbors. I have gotten use to the peace and quiet and I know living in an apartment you don't always have that peace and quiet.

I haven't really started looking into renting a place yet, as I have mentioned above that I'm in a state of limbo with escrow. I don't want to move forward with renting a place if the escrow falls through. I think once all the inspections are done and everything looks good then I might consider finding a place. If not then my plan B is to put everything I own into storage and move in with my brother for a few weeks and look for a new apartment come January.

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