Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Packing, Screeners, Jelly Beans and Delivery Man

Spent the day packing on and off, it's difficult to pack full on when I still have a little less then a month of living in the space. I also have Thanksgiving dinner next week so I can't really pack much of my kitchen up. But I am trying to pack up things that I know I won't need this month.

I got more screeners in the mail. They are arriving alot slower then they have in previous years. I don't know if that means I will be getting less this year or the companies are just getting their screeners out later. Today I got The Croods which I have not seen yet but have heard great things about and looking forward to watching. Prisoners which I did see a screening of and enjoyed. It's a very intense movie and I don't know if I could watch it over and over again. And the final screener I got today was Gravity. I saw this on the big IMAX screen and loved it. I'll be interested to see what kind of experience you get when you watch it on a much smaller screen.

My buddy Chris turned me on to this video that uses Jelly Beans to represent the days one has in an average life span. It really makes you think about your life and question just how much time you really have to just "live". Check out the video below.. it really does put things into perspective.

Today the septic tank people came by and inspect the tank, they were there for quite a while and when they left there were two large holes in the ground. Not sure what's going on but I'm sure I'll hear soon enough if there is a problem.

I don't think I mentioned this on my blog yet but one of the conditions from the buyers that I agreed to was to get rid of my broken spa. A friend suggested that I put the spa up on Craigslist and see what happens. Well I was completely surprised by the response to my "free" spa ad. I got over 30 emails, within 12 hours and everyone of them wanted my broken spa. So instead of paying someone $400 to remove it I choose a guy who seems to do this professionally, he is the only one who offered to drain, remove and cap off the wires with no damage to my patio. He is also insured. So I contacted him and we set up a time for him to come over on Saturday morning. Fingers crossed that this all goes well.

The final thing I did tonight was have dinner with my bestie Robert and then go to a prescreening of the new Vince Vaughn movie Delivery Man. I drove over to Robert's place and parked my car. We then headed to Islands for some yummy burgers and fries. Afterwards we headed to the theater. Neither of us had been to this theater before. We were early to we walked around the mall that the theater was in. We got in line and soon was in the theater and both Robert and I were very impressed with this theater. Big screen, nice sound system and comfy reclining seats.

If you haven't heard of Delivery Man here's a brief synopsis: David Wozniak, using the alias "Starbuck", is a sperm donor who learns that he has fathered 533 children. When a large group of them petition the sperm bank to reveal his identity, David has to decide whether or not to come forward. Simultaneously, his girlfriend is deciding whether he would make a suitable father.

Here's my review... I LOVED THIS MOVIE. It was funny, sweet and had so much charm. Vince Vaughn was adorable in this lead role. It was fantastic to see Cobie Smulders who plays his pregnant girlfriend and Chris Pratt was great as his best friend. You try and put yourself into his situation and ask what would you do. I don't know if I would have gone down the route he did, it was frustrating at times because you like his character but he makes some stupid decisions. But of course in the end it all works out. I found this movie very heartwarming and it brought me to tears several times. I can't wait to get this on Blu-ray. I can see this being a movie that I watch when  need my spirits lifted. I give Delivery Man a solid B+

I did find out later in the evening that this is a remake of a French Canadian movie called Starbuck that came out last year. I think I'll have to check that one out as well.

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