Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Busy Saturday

I did my taxes today, I've been somewhat stressing out the past week as I knew I was doing my Taxes today but still haven't received my W2 from my one and only job last year. I knew with the move that there might be an issue, so I tried to stop the problem before it happen by contacting my former employer a month or so ago to see about changing my address. Well they didn't get back to me until a few days ago with the name of the payroll company that I would have to contact myself.

So I contacted them and sent them all the appropriate information 2 days ago. I knew that there was a possibility that my reissued W2 wouldn't get to me in time so a few days ago I started digging through boxes looking for my last paystub. At least with that it would have my total gross and what was deducted and my tax guy should be able to "do" my taxes and let me know if I would be getting a refund or owning money.

This was a big concern of mine as I only worked 9 weeks last year and the rest has been unemployment and since I needed the money I didn't have them take any taxes out. I knew with my property tax right off that it would be close but after Mike (my tax guy) finished crunching the numbers I could breath again as he told me that I will be getting a bit of money back from both my Federal and State taxes. Enough to pay my tax guy ($200) and have a little left over. It a far cry from what I have gotten back in the past but I'm just happy that I don't have to pay.

After taxes I went to the laundromat to wash a month and a half worth of clothes. I do have one washer and dryer in my apartment complex but since I had four loads of laundry I didn't want to take all day to do it, and that's even if the washer and dryer were available. So I went to a local laundromat and did all my loads at once.

While at the laundromat my friends Dallas and Jes were walking to the 99 cent store a few blocks away and stopped by to say hi. I loving living in an area where this happens more often then not. Being surrounded by friends is the best.

I came home after doing laundry and installed a new version of AVID. My old version got corrupted a few weeks ago so I wound up using my older computer with an even older version of AVID that had tons of bugs and glitches so editing podcasts took three times as long and was very frustrating. But I'm happy to say a few hours later this new AVID program was working like a charm. 

I immediately started working on My Gimpy Life CompanionCast #13. Season two started last Monday and I normally get a companioncast out a few days later on Wednesday but because I didn't have interviews with the creator and star Teal or the director Sean it was postponed a bit. But now I have all that stuff and after a few hours of editing Episode 13 was done, uploaded and released. You can check it out HERE.

And the last thing I want to mention.. word started to spread that the TV series Heroes, which was cancelled a few years back is being resurrected for a 13 part mini series called Heroes Reborn. NBC released a trailer, which really is just a title card but still I'm excited to see what they do with this.

I was a huge fan of Heroes. I remember seeing the pilot at SDCC and then loving the first season. During season two there was a TV writers strike and season two took a huge hit. I started to watch season three but lost interest quickly and I never watch season four. I have always wanted to go back and finish the series, though I have friends who hated it. Now that they are resurrecting it I think it's time to do a rewatch/watch of the entire series.

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