Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Babylon 5 First Time Viewing Continues

Tonight I went over to my buddy Robert's place for TV night. We are continuing our Babylon 5 "first time viewing". Tonight we start season four. We got through Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

First up was S4 Ep1 "The Hour of the Wolf" After the destruction of Z'Ha'Dum, Sheridan: presumed dead, Garibaldi: missing and the fragile alliance against the Shadows is crumbling. Ivanova, Delenn and Lyta travel to Z'ha'dum to search for Sheridan, while G'Kar ventures out to search for Garibaldi. Mollari faces the new Emperor, and B5 is in a holding pattern, waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I enjoyed this episode, I really liked G'Kar in this episode determined to find his friend Garibaldi. The Centauri Emperor is crazy... and Londo can see this. It will be interesting to see where this storyline goes. I like that Lyta is now part of the regular cast. Not a fan of Kosh 2.0. And we get no clue as to where Garibaldi is but we do see Sheridan in the final shot of this episode.

Next we watched S4 Ep2 "Whatever Happen to Mr. Garibaldi" G'Kar and Marcus continue searching for Garibaldi, pursued by agents of the Centauri. Sheridan tries to return to "life" with the help of the mysterious being Lorien.

This episode was mainly about Sheridan and him trying to figure out where he is. I liked the new mysterious character Lorien, he's a cool looking. I'm glad Ivanova got out of her funk and to the mission at hand. I feel so bad for G'Kar as the Centauri Emperor is going to just beat him down until he breaks him.

Third for the night was S4 Ep3 "The Summoning" A mysterious spacecraft heads towards Babylon 5 as Ivanova and Marcus search for more First Ones to aid in the war. Zack gets a lead on rescuing Garibaldi from his unknown captors. Delenn faces opposition from the League of Non-Aligned Worlds when she tries to reorganize the Army of Light.

Another good episode. I'm glad they didn't drag out the "Is Sheridan alive or dead" storyline to much. We get Garibaldi back but something is wrong. I knew Kosh 2.0 was up to no good and it looks like his entire race have gone bad. I loved the reuniting of Delenn and Sheridan.. and Sheridan and Ivanova.

And our final episode of the night was S4 Ep4 "Falling Towards Apotheosis" As the first step toward ending the war, Sheridan decides to act against the new Vorlon ambassador. G'Kar faces torture at the hands of Cartagia.

Poor G'Kar.. they are trying to soften Londo but honestly he has done to much damage for me to like him again. I just hope he keeps his word with G'Kar if and when they kill the Emperor. The Vorlon are taring apart worlds.. I knew they were bad. I loved the battle between Kosh and Kosh 2.0.. that was pretty epic.. and Sheridan and Delenn's love story is one of the best in Scifi History. We find out that Sheridan is "dead" or "dying" and Lorien is sacrificing his energy to keep him alive for only another 20 years. I'm hoping Garibaldi's attitude changes soon as I'm not liking this season four version of him... I know it's only been 2 episode but still.. he use to be one of my favorites.

Overall a solid four episodes... can't wait to see where this all end. How are Army of Light going to defeat not only the Shadow but also the Vorlon... can't wait!!

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