Sunday, February 16, 2014

Morning Blues and D&D

Had a rough morning this morning. Woke up and realized that I wouldn't see Erik's smiling face when I poked my head into the guest room like I have the past six mornings. I wouldn't be making breakfast for us and we wouldn't be spending the morning planning out our activities for the day.

It's rough being alone, for a solid week I had a companion, someone to talk with, do things with and just hang with... I really miss that. Don't get me wrong.. I have awesome friends and I do get to see some of them from time to time but it's different when you get to spend a solid 5 days 24 hours with one person... you grow accustom to their presence, it's like having a partner again.

The same would happen when I threw those big movie marathon weekends.. come Monday everyone was gone and I was depressed and mopy for a few days. That's how I am today. Spending the entire week with Erik made me realize how much I miss living with someone/partner.

I spent most of the morning uploading pictures and gathering notes for my blog as I had fallen about 14 days behind.

Today was D&D day.. my buddy Robert came over to my place to use my shower before the game as his water heater was broken. Afterwards the two of use walked over to Will and Jen's place, we got there a bit early so we helped set up the couches and such.

Soon the room was packed and the continuing adventure began. This round of Pathfinder was jammed packed with lots of fighting, traveling, and a shocking death. Great job Dallas (DM), another fantastic session. The next session is in early March and will be the final one for the campaign. Can't wait to see how this all ends.

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