Monday, February 17, 2014

My Gimpy Life S2 Premiere & Sour Beers

I interviewed the lovely Teal Sherer today for the upcoming My Gimpy Life Season Two Companion Podcast. Season Two started today and a new episode will be released every Monday for the next four weeks. I normally release my Companion Podcast for each episode a few days later but with our schedules Teal and I haven't been able to connect to record. I'm also still waiting to interview director Sean Becker so the CompanionCast for this episode will be delayed a few days. I hope to interview Sean in the next few days and then get the podcast edited up and published by Friday.

Until then please watch the first episode of Season Two of My Gimpy Life. It's pretty awesome!!

During the evening Erik and I had a skype chat. If you remember on his last day here Erik got me a sour beer to try and I was going to wait and drink it later.. well it's later. 

Erik was able to find the same sour beer up in Portland so he got himself a bottle and we were going to try it together. It's called Duchesse De Bourgogne. The guy at BevMo said this was his favorite sour and my buddy Robert saw this in my fridge yesterday and said how much he enjoys it. 

So we tried it and I have to say It's no half bad. If you know me you know I don't enjoy the taste of beer as it's very bitter. But the sour beers kind of mask that flavor with... sourness. I actually enjoyed this beer and look forward to trying more sour beers. I think Erik enjoyed it as well.

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