Thursday, February 13, 2014

Erik's Vacation - Day Five: Relaxation, Movies & Friends

Today was a day of rest. When we finally got up, Erik made home made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, which was very tasty and I'm normally not a fan of home made gravy. We then put the pork shoulder in the crock pot and prepared it for pulled pork sandwiches later tonight during the Game night.

We planned to just stay in and watch TV, Erik had not seen several key geeky movies/programs... like Doctor Horrible Sing Along Blog. Erik is a huge fan of all three of the main actors (Nathan, Neil and Felicia) but for whatever reason he never got around to watching it. So I was going to change that... Of course he enjoyed it.. was there every any doubt.

We then headed out to Chipotle for some lunch and then stopped by BevMo as I knew Erik was really into beers and BevMo has a very wide selection of hard to find beers. Erik was kind of in heaven at BevMo and we picked up a few beers to try. He still trying to find beers that I can enjoy.

Once we were back home we watched Toy Story 3, again for whatever reason Erik had never seen it and it's one of my favorite Pixar movies so I had to show it to him. We then watched a bunch of the very cool behind the scene featurettes. Around 6:30pm my friends Robert and Tamar arrived. We also turned off the crock pot so the pork could cool down before we started to pull it apart.

At 7, Erik and I started burning our fingers as we attempted to sherd the pork. Soon other friends started to arrive. Dallas, Jes, Doug, Cait and finally Will. We enjoyed the very tasty pulled pork sandwiches on the Hawaiian rolls and I popped in Frozen to play in the background while we played games. That may have been a mistake as everyone started watching the movie and we didn't really start playing Cards Against Humanity until a few hours later.

But it was a blast playing CAH. Erik really hit it off with my friends... as I expected he would. I have awesome friends. We ended the night around 10:30pm and Erik and I hung out a bit longer chatting before calling it a night and going to bed.

It was a great day of relaxation, friends and fun.. couldn't have asked for anything better.

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