Friday, February 14, 2014

Erik's Vacation - Day Six: The Beach

Today was all about the beach.. we got up early, made breakfast and left for Santa Monica. My goal was to show him Santa Monica and Venice Beaches. First thing we did was walk down some of Third Street Promenade. We crossed over the 1 highway and made our way to the Santa Monica Pier. It was a beautiful day outside.. perfect weather for the beach.

We walked to the end of the pier and around the amusement park before heading down to the sand. My plan was for us to walk in the water's edge towards Venice Beach and after an hour or so I realized that we were still a while away and we made plans to visit with some of Erik's hometown friends who now live here in LA. So we got about halfway to Venice Beach before turning around and heading back to the car.. which took a while .

I then drove from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach. What should have taken us about 40 minutes turned into a 2 hours traffic filled crazy mess. Of course we were late meeting up with his friends but they were cool with it. We had lunch/dinner at a local restaurant in Hermosa and chatted with his buddy Cameron, his wife Chrissie and their daughter Cayleigh. They were all very sweet and so happy to see Erik as it was something like six years since they saw each other last. 

Afterwards we headed home and spent the remainder of the night watching episodes of Wil Wheaton's Table Top.  The heat and the traffic just drained us.. we crashed a bit earlier then previous nights.

Over all it was another fun filled day. Tomorrow we are heading out to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour.. I'm super excited for this. But it is also Erik's last day as he flies out in the evening... which makes me very sad.

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