Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Erik's Vacation - Day Four: Disney California Adventure

Up early once again, had some breakfast and headed out to Disney California Adventures. We had a blast yesterday at Disneyland and I expect it to be another awesome day at DCA. Once again like yesterday we got to the parks around 9:15am and took the tram to the main entrance. Once again they were letting folks into the park but only allowing us to go so far into it as the park officially opened at 10am.

Erik and I talked about what ride we wanted to go on first. I suggested Toy Story Midway Mania as there is no fast pass and it's always an hour or so wait for it. So as they officially opened up Erik and I made our way though the crowds to Toy Story Midway Mania and only had to wait about ten minutes to get on. Erik kicked my butt on points on that ride. I feel behind after the first round and was never able to catch back up.

After Midway Mania we went next door to Screamin'. Erik is a huge roller coaster fan so I knew he was looking forward to this ride and I don't think it disappointed.

We made our way around the lake in the middle of the park and did Silly Symphony Swings next. I don't think Erik was a fan of these and to be honest I'm not the biggest fan as I always feel like one of the chains will break and I'll go flying off.

I wanted to do Goofy's Sky School next but it was down and we were told to check back later. So we did the Golden Zephyr, which I had never done before and after riding it I know why.. it's good for kids but really isn't that exciting.

Next in our path was The Little Mermaid ride which I totally adore but Erik isn't a fan of as they have this same ride at Disney World. But Erik's a sweetheart and went on the ride with me even though he doesn't like it.

We then took a break and grabbed a hot dog and some chips for a snack.

Next up was Tower of Terror, which Erik has done at Disney World but the one here at DCA is a bit different. Erik warned me that he likes the ride but will freak out a bit when he's on it. All I know is I think I have a permanent hand mark on my right leg as he clutched to it to tightly as we fell over and over again... It had a blast!!

After Tower of Terror we headed over to the Monster's Inc ride. This was a new ride for Erik as they don't have it at Disney World. We then watched the Muppet's 3D show which is always fun and just to note.. both Erik and I were wearing Muppet shirts.

We decided to grab some lunch at the Wine Country Trattoria, which is a very tasty Italian place. We also picked up a hat for Erik as it was extremely sunny and he didn't want to get burned.. besides he wanted to get a souvenir.

After lunch we headed over to Cars Land. First up was Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, that doesn't look like much of a ride but man did we have a blast. We then did Luigi's Flying Tires and normally I don't bother when this one as it really isn't that much fun but come to find out it really depends on the person you are with as Erik and I had so much fun trying to get that stupid floating tire to move as we leaned. We had moving backwards pretty good but left and right we kept going in the opposite direction of where we leaned. But like I said.. we laughed the entire time.

I think this is the most popular ride at DCA and that would be Radiator Springs Racers. Again they don't have this as Disney World but do have a similar Crash Test ride. We did the single rider line and neither of us wanted to want over and hour in the regular line. Unfortunately luck wasn't on our side and we got put in different cars. Still a great ride and Erik really enjoyed it.

After the Racers and with a little convincing I got Erik to go on Mickey's Fun Wheel with me.. not only did I talk him into getting on it but I talked him in to the swinging gondolas. We had a young couple join us and the female was not happy that she was dragged onto it. That's one of the best parts of riding this ride.. the other people that you ride with. Once we did the first initial swing Erik was great and actually really enjoyed with ride.. but this lady was having nothing of it... and that made the ride even funnier.

We took a break to get some soft serve ice cream. Though I'm lactose intolerant I'll sacrifice the stomach pain for some good soft serve and DCA has some tasty ice cream.

Next was Soarin' Over California. I have to be honest this isn't one of my favorite rides and the line for it is always crazy long..  but Erik wanted to ride it so we got in line and as expected it took about and hour to get on the ride.

We then rode at Radiator Springs Racers for a second time. I really wanted to do the regular line so I could sit with Erik but the wait was too long for our taste so we did the single rider again, but fortunately this time we were put into the same car.. Erik in the front and I was in back but when the lady next to us saw that we knew each other she said she we could sit together and she'd move her daughter up front with her husband and son. So in the end we got to sit together and it was a blast... love that ride.

When we got off Radiator Springs Racers I noticed that Goofy's Sky School was running again so we quickly got in line. It only took a few minutes to get on and we laughing our heads off as we were almost tossed from the car over and over again.

The final thing we did at DCA was watch World of Color. We had gotten a fast pass earlier today for the show. So we lined up at 7pm for the 8pm show. We were pretty close to the front of the line so when they let us in we got an amazing spot to watch the show from. Erik had never seen this as they don't have this at Disney World and I've only seen it one other time so I was really looking forward to seeing it again.

As the show started I could see the sparkle in Erik's eyes that I had when I first saw it and I think I can safely say he was blown away by it.. as was I. This show was different then the last show I saw.. they added a few different elements and movies. I'm so glad we ended our Disneyland/DCA adventure with this show.. a perfect ending to two amazing days at the happiest place on Earth.

We headed to a local Denny's to grab some dinner before heading home and calling it a night. We walked about 11 miles today for a grand total of 36.5 miles the past three days. Tomorrow we plan on doing nothing but hanging out, watching TV, enjoying each others company and having a few friends over for a game night in the evening... should be relaxing.

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