Sunday, February 9, 2014

Erik's Vacation - Day One: The Arrival

Was up early as I couldn't sleep because I was excited that my friend Erik was flying down from Portland today to begin his week long vacation here in SoCal with me. This would be his first time in Southern California and I have so many awesome things planned for him.

I finished cleaning up the guest room and making it as presentable as I could with tons of bins and boxes in it. I also finished cleaning the house. My injured right calf was doing better, still sore and if I stepped on it wrong it's painful but I think by tomorrow it should be good enough to begin our tour around SoCal.

I got to the Burbank Airport around 2:15pm and his plane was delayed a bit and touched down about 2:45pm so I waited anxiously for him. He texted me when he was here and about to get off the plane. He also told me which gate he was going to and I was at the wrong one so I quickly (or as quickly as I could) walked over to the other gate on the other side of the airport.. luckily it isn't a very large airport. I waited at the gate and about five minutes later I saw his smiling face coming through the door.

If you read my blog on a regular bases then you all know who he is. If not here's a brief backstory about Erik. This incredibly fantastic guy popped into my life one month and five days ago and we have been chatting everyday since via phone, online, skype and google hangout. We've really gotten to know each other and formed this amazing friendship.

You go through life and you meet people all the time but there are those rare moments when you meet someone and you just click, call it fate, call it destiny, all I know is Erik is a kindred spirit. From the moment we started chatting online I knew Erik was meant to be part of my life, now are we just friends or is he my knight in shining armor... who knows but it's going to be a fun adventure finding out. 

Soon as we hugged hello the chemistry that we felt online was there in person and it was AWESOME!!

First thing we did was head to Islands for some lunch. He told me about his adventures of getting from his place to the airport as there was a freak snow storm attacking Portland the past few days. Transportation has been hit hard but luckily perseverance paid off and he made it to the airport in time for his flight.

After lunch we headed back to my place to crash. I didn't plan any activities today as I knew he would be tired from his travels so we watched Frozen. He had not seen it and being a big Disney fan I knew he would love it... and I was right.

Once the movie was over we headed to a grocery store to pick up some food for the week. On our way back we picked up some Wienerschnitzel (he's never had it) for dinner. Once home we watched the latest three episodes of Faceoff. It's a series that we've been watching together. We also shared a beer that Erik brought with him. Erik is really into home brewery and beers and since I haven't really found a beer that I like he has taken on the challenge to introducing me to various beers in hopes that he'll find one that I might enjoy.

Around 11pm we called it a night.. as I have planned a fun filled week.. starting tomorrow with Hollywood and Los Angeles.

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