Saturday, February 8, 2014

Badges, Bobbles and Buffy

Today started out with a group of 30+ Guildies meeting in a Facebook chat preparing to battle it out for some San Diego Comic Con tickets. I have already gotten my tickets but I wanted to be there to help out my friend Thomas and anyone else who wasn't able to be online when the tickets went on sale.

So I was up at 6:30am and logged into the waiting room right at 7am. SDCC were doing things differently this time around. They were allowing folks to log into a waiting room from 7am to 9am and then they would randomly line you up to purchase tickets. So it didn't matter want time you got into the waiting room as long as you were in the room.

As I mentioned by 9am we had a group of about 30+ people in the waiting room all willing to help get tickets for all of those who needed them. 9am came and went and we were all still waiting. About 20 minutes in a few folks said they got it and the frenzy began and over the next hour the group managed to purchase about 50 or so badges for SDCC 2014. My friend Rachelle was able to get my buddy Thomas' badge as I was one of the few unfortunate ones from our group that didn't get in until almost all the days were sold out.

Needless to say that this was a success. Everyone who wanted a ticket/badge got it. I say this every time but Guildies are am amazing community of geeks, always there to support each other in everything we do. Thanks Anne for organizing this successful event.

Around noon my brother and his family stopped by to help me move my old refrigerator out of storage and take to their place to store for now until I can sell it. When they got here I went outside to greet them and my nephew Kenobi came running up to me and kind of tackled me with a hug. I pretended that he pushed me so hard that I started to fall back but as I placed my right foot down from actually falling back I heard something pop and then felt immense pain in my right calf. I don't know what happened but this isn't a good time for me not to be able to walk since my buddy Erik is coming to visit for a week and I'm showing him around SoCal... Ugh

But on a good note.. we were able to get the fridge out of storage and also pick up the bar stools which were going to my brothers. I am officially out of the storage unit and my move if officially over.. yay!! 

After the crazy morning/afternoon I went back to decorating around the house.. first I put out my Star Wars bobble heads. When I was in the guest bathroom I saw this ledge that I thought would be perfect for the figures. Once I put them all out I thought they looked great. Then I went in there to pee and it was kind of strange having 15+ Star Wars figures watching you. Luckily for me I don't use that bathroom very often :)

I started putting up Buffy Action Figures in my guest room. I don't have many walls available in that room yet (due to a ton of bin/boxes) but the wall next to the guest bed is empty so I decided to put my Buffy figures there. It's always a slow process putting up figures as it take a while digging through the remaining bins looking for stray figures but by the end of the day the wall came together nicely.

It was late by the time I was done and my guest room was still a mess, which wasn't good since my buddy Erik was flying in tomorrow to stay with me for a week. Luckily he doesn't get in until 2pm.. so that will give me some time to finish it up and have it ready for him. I so can't wait for him to be here. Oh and my right calf is extremely sore but I don't think I tore anything... thank goodness.

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