Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Computer Issues, Twitter Followers & SHIELD

This morning I attempted to edit the next MASH 4077 Podcast, but when I went to activate my Avid program on my computer I kept getting errors. I've been having computer problems the last few weeks but it looks to be spreading. First my itunes went down and now my Avid. I tried reinstalling both but with no luck.

Early afternoon I had scheduled to interview Teal Sherer for My Gimpy Life Companioncasts as Season two of My Gimpy Life will be starting in a few weeks. Again for whatever reasons I couldn't get "Pamela" to work so I couldn't record the conversation. I have other audio tools but since I've always used Pamela I didn't know how to work them so I had to postpone the interview and work on a roundabout way to get this done. It took me about an hour but I figured out how to record both our audios separately and then blend them back together but by this time Teal was busy and we had to reschedule for another day.

Since my computer was being a dick.. I decided to go work on my toy walls in my bedroom. They are coming along nicely and I should be done in a few days.

I tweeted a story about a young boy being bullied for liking My Little Pony and my friend Felicia retweeted it. Of course I didn't know this had happened until I started getting mass amounts of new followers in a matter of a few minutes. I went from around 2520 followers to 2545 in about ten minutes. Every time Felicia (Day) mentions me or RT's me on twitter I tend to get a boost of new followers.. this time it was about 25 new followers. And I'm sure when they find out that I'm not that cool or interesting they will unfollow.. but for now I'm happy that I'm a bit closer to 3000 followers (which is my goal for 2014).

I came across a new word that I saw in an article "AWESOMETASTICNESS" It combines two of my favorite words AWESOME and FANTASTIC.. I tend to use Awesome alot... It's even in the Urban Dictionary and defined as "The highest level of awesome in the whole world!" Gonna try and integrate it into my daily vocabulary.

I ended my day by watching the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  titled T.R.A.C.K.S. Here's a synopsis; In order to find the Clairvoyant, the team boards a train in Italy, on which a Cybertek security group is shipping a package to Ian Quinn. The team splits into groups, with Coulson and Simmons posing as a father and daughter while Fitz and Skye work with Ward and May to track down the package. However, the group is exposed, leaving Coulson and Ward to flee the train. May also goes missing, but when Coulson and Ward track her down, they learn the team was sold out by Luca Russo, who is killed by May. The team finds the train and Simmons, but Fitz and Skye are gone, having disembarked to track the package to Quinn's mansion. In the basement, Skye is confronted by Quinn and Mancini, who reveal that Mike Peterson is alive, having been kept in a hyperbaric chamber. Mancini opens the package, which a high-tech prosthetic leg that he fits onto Peterson's severed right leg. To test Peterson's obedience to Centipede, Quinn orders him to kill Skye. He refuses as it is not what the Clairvoyant ordered. Instead, Quinn then shoots Skye twice in the stomach and leaves her for dead stating that he has his own orders. Peterson then executes the Cybertek security team because they led S.H.I.E.L.D. to the mansion. Quinn walks right into a S.H.I.E.L.D. raid on the mansion. Quinn is arrested, but Skye is left near death and Simmons can only sustain her temporarily by placing her into Peterson's hyperbaric chamber. In the final scene, Peterson secretly observes his son at a playground and requests the Clairvoyant to let him see his son by writing on a piece of paper for the Clairvoyant to read. The Clairvoyant says "not yet". The view zooms in on his new prosthetic leg which bears the name "Project Deathlok".

What an amazing episode.. this series continue to impress. I loved the storytelling in this episode. Since the team was split into three groups we are told the beginning of this story three times.. each time we get a bit more information until we have the full story. It then shifts to Skye who is shot by Quinn... If I could reach through the TV I would have strangled Quinn for shooting her.. not only once but twice. And the look on his face when he did it just infuriated me. Of course you are left with a cliffhanger of will Skye die or not and with Joss Wheadon behind this show I would count anything out. They also introduce or reintroduce a new character Deathlok/Michael. Which I know he is in the comic books but I don't know much about him, so I can't wait to find out more about this good guy/ bad guy.

And of course we are on break for a few weeks because of the Winter Olympics. And then I'll only be able to watch a few episodes before I leave for my vacation for month. This will be one show that I really miss while on vacation, but don't worry my Tivo is set to record.

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