Friday, February 7, 2014

Podcasts & Toy Rooms

So I'm bad at drinking water.. I know it's good for me and I love it but I don't drink as much as I should. So I recently purchased this new 64 ounce bottle so that I can fill it up everyday and make a point to drink it all and that way I will know that I got my allotted amount of water for the day.

I have a MASH podcast due to be released on the 15th and I have to get it done before my buddy Erik arrives in a few days for a week vacation that he'll be spending with me. I still haven't been able to get my Avid up and running so I had to set up my older computer (which I still have). It has an older Avid program on it but it does work. It's more complicated to edit on this older computer but it has to get done. So I transferred over the media to the older computer and started to edit. What normally takes me about four hours to edit took me about ten hours. It was frustrating but I got it done. I also wanted to do a quick message/mini podcast for my Alien Nation podcast. I haven't put out a new podcast for Alien Nation since November. Both my brother and I have been extremely busy and just haven't had the time to get together and do one. But with the move and now my UK trip we won't be able to get one done for another few months and I wanted to put out something letting folks know that we haven't stopped podcasting and that we are currently on hiatus and will be back.

But again that should have been a ten minute edit but it took me nearly two hours to finish it. That one will be released on Feb 10th and the MASH one will be released on Feb 15th. It may have taken me longer but I'm happy that they are both done and I don't have to worry about them while Erik is visiting.

I spent a few hours throughout the day putting up action figures in my master bedroom. By the end of the night I got about 95% of the walls done. I left a bit of free space for the expanding "Hobbit" action figures.. still have one more movie and I expect them to produce some figures for it. But other than that it's done and I have to say it looks pretty AWESOMETASTIC!! Pictures don't do it justice but that's all I have at the moment.. so what do you think?

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