Sunday, February 2, 2014

Action Figures, Captain America & Being An Extra

Started resurrecting my Toy Walls. I have decided to put up action figures not only in my "office/podcasting/guest & toy room" but also I'm putting them up in my master bedroom. Might as well enjoy my collection and I can't do that when they are all in boxes. So I started in my master bedroom and with Lord of the Rings action figures.

I can't find my large bag of push pins and thumb tacks but I did mange to find a small stache so I started with those. I quickly ran out but plan to get more while I'm out tomorrow. But it's a good start and it makes me smile.

I'm continuing my efforts to be nominated for a Shorty Award. I need to be in the top 4 and I'm currently #16 and need quite a few nominations to make it to the top 4. If you have an active twitter account then please consider me for "best podcaster". I made it super easy.. all you have to do is click on the LINK and complete the sentence... I nominate @Geekyfanboy for a Shorty Award in #podcaster because... it only takes few seconds... Thanks

During the superbowl they released the 2nd trailer for Captain America: The Winter Solider. I was excited when I saw the first trailer but this one pushed me over the top. Captain America is my favorite of the Avengers.. and not only because (Chris Evens) is beyond gorgeous but I like the character and what he stands for. So I'm super excited to see this movie in April.  Check out the trailer below. 

I got a text from my friend America about the shoot tomorrow.. she is doing pick ups for her new movie The Concessionaires Must Die. I was going to be a featured extra in a scene but unfortunately the scene was cut. But she did have a new scene I could extra in but it's tonight in Oxnard. She asked if I was interested. Of course I didn't hesitate and said yes I would love to be an extra tonight. So around 7:30pm I headed out to Oxnard. My buddy Erik kept me company (via cell) for the hour long drive. 

The call time was 9pm but we didn't get to my scene until around midnight. It was fun watching my friend America in action. I had never seen her direct before and she's a natural. My scene was a lot of fun and hopefully turned out as they were hoping for. We did a few takes and that was it. I was wrapped but I hung around another hour or so and watched them film.. I finally left around 1:45am and was home in bed by 3am. 

This movie is going to be amazing.. you can watch the trailer below. It reminds me of some of my favorite 80's movies.

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