Saturday, February 1, 2014

D&D - Grizzly Bears & Dead Ponies

Now that I have a refrigerator I went shopping this morning. No more eating out for every meal. I'm super excited to finally get back on a better eating schedule and hopefully start losing weight again.

But the big thing today was D&D - Pathfinder. The group hadn't played in almost a month due to our DM's computer crashing. But we were back and 99% of the group was there today.

Since it was a Saturday we played the drinking game along with D&D, though I didn't join in this time. Though I did do a shot of some crazy blue concoction that my buddy Will created. It was quite tasty.. unlike last time.

There wasn't a lot of action in this session but we did have a few skirmishes and my character Dash's pony was killed by some very large grizzly bears. Luckily I hadn't bonded with the pony or named him so it was as devastating as it could have been.  We infiltrated a citadel, found the missing Friar who died but mentioned the attack on his Abbey so that was our next destination. We ran into a thief who will be joining our party for a bit and by the end we were heading off to the dark woods.

All in all a fun session... our next one looks to be pretty crazy as Knights who have gone into the dark woods have never been heard from again.

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