Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HIMYM, DMV, Storage, Mail and Great Friends

Started my day by watching last nights How I Met Your Mother and I have to say that was one of my favorite episodes of the series. It was titled How Your Mother Met Me and was all about the kids Mom. I love the actress they got to play "the Mom" and it was great watching how her storyline interwove with Ted and his friends storyline. I don't know if the writers planned all that but it was some very nice writing and storytelling. Of course they didn't meet yet and I know they are waiting until the final episode for these two characters to finally meet and I'm hoping the last line of the series will be.. "And that's how I met your mother"... End of Series.

I had a very productive day, first was a trip to the DMV. My registration for my car was due, I had to change my address on my license as well as my car registration and I've been wanting to get an updated photo for my license as I'm tired of folks not believing that the picture on there now is me  ---> . I made an appointment a few weeks back so when I got there I got in the appointment line which had only one person in front of me. A few minutes passed and a guy gave me a form to fill out and then a few minutes after that a number for one of the customer service people. I waited about ten minutes for my number to be called and I walked up to the window and explained all that I wanted to do. When we got to my picture on my license the woman looked at the picture and then gave me a smile. I said.. yeah I know it's long overdue for an updated picture.

I changed my address on my car registration and license and also got my 2015 tags for my car. I had to go to a different person to get my picture taken. Again the woman taking the picture looked at my old picture and asked when I took it. I told her it had been 20 years, 40 lbs lighter and a head full of hair. She kind of laughed and took my picture. I have to wait 10 or so days before I get my new license in the mail. And I have to say an appointment is the way to go. I got out of there in about 30 minutes total.

After DMV I headed up north to my storage unit in Santa Clarita to put my refrigerator back together and clean it up as well as my green couch as I need to get them up on Craigslist and sold asap. The fridge took some time to put back together and after cleaning it up I realized that we didn't do as much damage to it during the move as I thought. There is a rather large scratch on the front and a few minor ones on the sides and handles but overall it's not that bad.

I got an email informing me that the folks who purchased my house left some mail at their realtor's office which was about 30 minutes further north in Acton so I headed up there to pick it up. I am very thankful that the owners of my former house saved the mail for me as there were a few tax related forms as well as several refund checks adding up to about $1400.  I don't understand why the post office is not forwarding all my mail as I am getting some mail at my brothers house which is where I forwarded my mail to.

Talked with my buddy Erik via skype. We've been talking either by skype or phone since the day we officially met Jan. 4th (25 days ago)... he's pretty awesome!!

My friend Jen called me while she was driving home and asked if I wanted to walk around the park with her when she got home. I said of course, so around 8pm she stopped by my place and we headed across the street. We walked around the park five times ( probably 4 or so miles). We had a blast because when Jen and I get together we always have some very "interesting" conversations :)

After the walk we said our goodbyes and I came home to find my buddy Chris (who is currently abroad) asking if I wanted to do a skype chat with him. I haven't visually talked to Chris since new years and that was with a group. We haven't had any one on one time for quite some time so I was excited to be able to chat with him. It was only for a half hour but it was great seeing his face. I miss talking to him daily. It was a great way to end my night.

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