Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Serenity Comic, SDCC Tickets & Shorty Awards

The new Serenity/Firefly comic book mini series comes out today. It's going to be a six issue mini series hopefully it does well so they do another one. This takes place after the movie. I think they are releasing six different variant covers to issue #1. I need to makes sure I get to a comic shop soon and pick this one up. I have really enjoyed the previous Firefly comic books and I see no reason why I won't love this one as well.

Today at 10am SDCC 2014 tickets went on sale for "professionals". I was at my computer at 9:45 and clicking on the link just in case they opened early. Well at 10am on the dot I clicked the link and got in. I filled out everything and managed to get my free badge, a free guest badge (last year these were gone within a few minutes) and I purchased one other badge. I filled in all my credit card information and pressed the button.. I got a "processing" window but after a minute an error page popped up. I wasn't sure if it all went through or if I had to start over again. By this time five minutes had passed and when I went to select tickets again they were out of the "free" guest badges. But when I signed in to try and order tickets again I noticed that the information that I had put in earlier was still there.. it looked like my order went through before the site crashed.

So I waited a few minutes to see if I would get a confirmation email or something but nothing came. My friend Doug tweeted that his confirmation came instantly. That was disheartening so I figured I got screwed and would have to try and get "regular" badges when they go on sale next month. I fiddled around with the site and somehow managed to get a confirmation page to pop up for my order. I took a screen grab of it just in case they said I didn't have tickets.. but luckily a few minutes later I got an actual confirmation email with my barcode for all my tickets.. so I did get the maximum amount of tickets that I could get at this time, one free one for me, one free guest one for my brother and one paid one for my bestie Chris.

I was a bit stressed out when I didn't think my order went through but in the end I'm just glad I got my tickets for SDCC this year... now we need to get a hotel... the fun never ends.

Shorty Awards are still happening.. I'm currently in 18th place with 40 votes. It's a far cry from where I need to be to get into the top 4 but what can you do. I still don't understand why friends and followers aren't throwing me a vote since it's so easy.. but I guess they have their reasons. If you would like to nominated me for a Shorty Award you can just follow this LINK.. it only takes a few seconds... thanks.

Spent the evening at my buddy Robert's place eating pizza and wings and watching Babylon 5. Will do a separate blog post on my thoughts on tonight's episodes.

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