Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Final Episodes of Babylon 5 S3

It's Wednesday so that means TV night at my buddy Robert's place. Tonight we continued out first time viewing of Babylon 5

First up was S3 Ep 19 "Grey 17 is Missing" Garibaldi investigates a missing person in the mysterious Grey Sector. Delenn becomes the leader of the Rangers.

This was just an okay episode.. after all the crazy awesome stuff that we saw the past few episodes this one was kind of a let down. It wasn't bad but it wasn't an OMG episode but then again I guess not all episodes can be OMG. It did have Robert Eugland, who I will already remember as Willie from V.

Next was S3 Ep 20 "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place" Some religious acquaintances of Brother Theo's come to the station. Meanwhile, Londo is instructed to end his feud with Lord Refa even as he conspires to get rid of G'Kar.

This episode just increased my dislike of Londo. I mean I'm glad he set up Lord Refa and made him the fall guy for all the things Londo had done but Refa was not a good guy. Loved the interaction between Sheridan and Delenn and we finally get what we've been waiting for all season.. the kiss. 

Third episode of the night S3 Ep 21 "Shadow Dancing" Sheridan and Delenn assemble a fleet composed of a myriad different alien races and confront the Shadows. Franklin, still on walkabout, finally finds what he's looking for, though it's not what he expected.

Lot's of action in this episode with the huge battle betweeen Sheridan and Delenn's army against the Shadows. I liked the bit of humor with Ivonnava and the Mimbari beds. Was not a fan of the Doctor's walk about storyline so I was happy to see it come to an end.

And the final episode of the night as well as the final episode of Season three, S3 Ep 22 "Z'Ha'Dum" Third season finale. A face from Sheridan's past takes him on a dangerous mission to meet his Shadow counterpart. Londo receives important news about his political future. The Shadows mass a fleet against Babylon 5

Just when Sheridan and Delenn's relationship looks like it's going to the next level, Sheridan's "dead" wife arrives on Babylon 5 and throws a wrench into everything. Just when you think it's the end of their relationship Sheridan hatches a plan and what a plan. He sacrifices himself and blows up the home base of the Shadow creatures. It's heartbreaking as Delenn get's a goodbye message from him and he confesses his love for her.

Season 3 was an amazing season. They started giving us answers to things that we were introduced to in season 1. I know Sheridan isn't dead and it looks like Garibaldi is off to rescue him. Is the war over? Are the Shadows gone? Still have to deal with the corrupt Earth government. Can't wait to see where season 4 goes.

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  1. I'm not sure anyone liked the doctor's walkabout. I was glad it ended, myself. ("Fun" fact: Franklin's experience getting stabbed was based on JMS's own experience of getting stabbed while out walking in early morning in San Diego. There's a reason he had it nuked in the show...)