Thursday, January 30, 2014

Travel Points, Selling My Couch & Buying A New Fridge

Started my day by redeeming some travel points that I have accumulated over the past year. I have a BofA Visa Travel card and get travel points on every purchase. Well I had 33,436 points which translated into $334.36 credit which I removed from my current plane ticket to Ireland. So instead of $864.36 for the plane ticket I only paid..  $530.51. How awesome is that!!!

I met up with a cute couple at my storage unit this morning, they were interested in buying my couch. Found out they had are newly engaged and just moved into their very first apartment. Both of them are EMT's and the girl is going to collage. They checked out the couch from top to bottom. I was originally asked $100 on Craigslist and got zero responses. So I lowered it to $50 this time and got about 20 responses.. and to be honest the guy was so cute with his crooked smile I would have given to him for free. But luckily he offered me $40 and I accepted. I helped them load it up into their truck and they were on their way. It was tough seeing this couch go, it was a favorite of mine but I just don't have the room at my new apartment and it had to go.

Afterwards I went to Lowes to buy my new refrigerator. As I was checking out I tried to use my travel Visa as this would have been some good points but the card was declined. So I had to use my debt card. As I was leaving Lowes I got a call from my credit card company, it was an automated system informing me of suspicious activity on my card and if I could review and approve the latest three purchases. First was a purchase from 7-11, which I had done earlier in the day. The second was from San Diego Comic Con for a 2014 badge and the third was the Lowes purchase that I just tried to do. I guess because two of the purchases were of rather large amounts and in two different cities they thought someone got control of my card.

I mean I appreciate that they are looking out for me but it sucks that it was declined and I wasn't able to get the $400+ purchase added to my travel Visa for points. But the good news is I got me a new refrigerator... it will be delivered tomorrow.

Had a rare moment today.. was in my guest bathroom and just happen to see myself in the mirror and I don't know what it was.. the angle or lighting but I actually thought to myself.. "I look pretty good today" Now if you know me you know I don't think I'm a nice looking guy. I think in a certain light I am cute but as I have gained weight over the years I see it less and less. But that little moment made my day and I was in a very happy mood the rest of the day.

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