Friday, January 31, 2014

MGL S2 Trailer, New Refrigerator & Dinner With A Friend

First up My Gimpy Life season two webseries has released a trailer. I had the good fortune of working on seasons 1 & 2 so I'm very excited to see the finished episodes. I also do the official podcast for My Gimpy Life which will be coming out after each episode. Watch the trailer below.

After a month of having no refrigerator my new fridge arrived. There was a bit of a panic when the moving guys couldn't get it up the stairwell and if you remember when I moved in a month ago we couldn't get my "larger" refrigerator up the stairs and that's why I had to buy a new "smaller" one. But I showed them the other stairwell that I for sure thought would not work but they managed to get it up that one and they did it without putting a scratch on the fridge.. yay!!

Of course once it was placed in my kitchen I realized that the doors opened the wrong direction and I had heard you can remove the doors and switch the brackets and such so the door open in the opposite direction. I had never done this before but figured I'd take a crack at it since I know having the doors open on the wrong side would drive me crazy.

The fridge came with directions on how to do this and though it was a slow process and learning experience I managed to get the doors to open the correct way!!  Now I have to wait 24 hours before filling it up.. I can't wait to have cold things again.

During the evening I picked up my buddy Christopher from the airport, he was flying in from up north. He was down visiting his boyfriend but we hadn't seen each other in a quite some time so before heading to his boyfriends we got to have dinner and hang out for a few hours. I'm so proud of my friend Christopher, he is thriving at his new job with LinkedIn, he's one of the my creative and business savvy guys I know. It was great getting to spend some one on one time with him.

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