Sunday, January 26, 2014

Podcasting, In-n-Out & Goodbyes

Today started in a panic. I am recording some MASH 4077 Podcasts today at 11am but I'm still not able to find my podcasting equipment, which is packed away in one of my hundred boxes. I looked a bit yesterday with no luck so this morning I was up early and as soon as Thomas got up I started looking again. I went through almost every box/bin and of course at fate would have it, I found the equipment in the very last box in the very back of the guest closet.

After my morning ordeal Thomas and I went out for breakfast once again to the NoHo Diner. On our way back we walked around the park. Once home I started preparing for the podcast while Thomas watched some more TNG.

Today my co-hosts and I were recording 7 episodes of our MASH 4077 Podcast. It's been a while since all three of us were together for a podcast as the last batch was missing Al. Two fun hours later we had seven podcast recorded. We had a blast recording these. I think the episodes are not only going to be informative but a lot of fun to listen to as all three of us just clicked. Now I have the fun part of editing these podcasts together before releasing them every two weeks. We're currently recording season 4 of MASH, we have many more seasons to cover and years left to record.

After podcasting I took Thomas to In-n-Out, I was surprised to hear he had never tried them. In all his visits to LA I figured he had to try them at least once.. but that wasn't the case. So we drove out to the one in Burbank as it was the closest to Airport and he was going to be leaving right after lunch.

He went for the full experience and got a Double Double. From the way he ate it (with in a few minutes) I'd say he liked it. But he had the same opinion as me.. There food is good but it's not the best ever hamburger by far. But at least he can now mark that off his list of things to do while in California.

After the late lunch I drove him to the Burbank airport and his mini birthday weekend with friends has come to an end. What is so great is that I will hopefully be seeing him in March sometimes if my travel plans pan out.. here's hoping.

It was great getting to hang out with Thomas the past few days. He needed a friend and a shoulder to lean on and I'm glad I was the one he came to for the support. I hope he had a fun weekend and was able to take his mind off things.

After I dropped of Thomas at the airport I came home and had my daily 2 hour Skype conversation with my buddy Erik, as always it's a highlight of my day/night getting to talk with him... good times are always had.

The only other HUGE thing to happen tonight is that I booked of my Ireland/England trip but I'm going to do an separate post about that.. so look for that soon.

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