Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hiking, Frozen and Dinner with Friends

Today Thomas and I got up and headed to the NoHo Diner for some breakfast. After breakfast we went to Griffith Park to go on a hike. When we started it was around 65 degrees but 3 hours later the temperature was around 81 degrees. Neither of us really prepared well for this hike. Thomas forgot to bring shorts and hiking shoes and I managed to put on hiking boots but forgot to bring a hat and I really should have worn shorts... it was hot!!

It was a 2 hour hike up to the highest point in Griffith Park and an hour to get back down. It was a struggle at times but I forced myself to do it. I knew I had it in me but there were times I wanted to give up, turn around and head back down.

After the hike we headed over to The Habit (a hamburger joint) for lunch and we ran into Jes who was picking up food for herself and Dallas. I told her that once we were done eating we were going to watch Frozen as Thomas had not seen it and I wanted to share this awesome movie with him. She said she would be up for watching again so when we got back to my place she and Dallas joined us for the screening. Both Jes and I really resisted singing along with the songs.. it was tough and I think we both hummed and sung under our breaths but we managed not to ruin the experience for Thomas.

After Frozen I headed out to my friends John and Moises place for their annual 12 Days of Christmas Dinner. We use to have to closer to the 12th day of Christmas but with all our schedules it gets pushed further and further back each year. I have been coming to these dinners for years. Joining John and Moises were the regulars.. Tom, Ervin, Bruce and Martin. I've known these guys for years but I don't get to see that often.. I'm hoping now that I'm out of the boondocks that, that will change... I miss these guys.

It was a fantastic dinner, Moises is an amazing cook. We caught up on each others lives and it was a fun time. I had originally planned to stay only 2 hours because Thomas was back at my place alone watching TV but I was having such a great time 2 hours turned into 4 hours. But luckily for me Thomas had a great time watching TNG and other shows on Netflix.

Once I was back Thomas and I hung out a few more hours and watched TV before calling it a night.

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