Friday, January 24, 2014

"Get Fit" Weeks 24 & 25

So I missed blogging about last weeks "Get Fit" so I decided to double up on this one. Nothing has really changed since my last blog post. I'm still in the middle of all this crazy moving stuff. I still don't have a refrigerator and that is making it very difficult to eat properly. I have done a bit of walking and running around the park, but no where near what I want to be doing.

If you recall I gained and then lost a few pounds during week 23 bringing me in at 196lbs. Well for week 24 I was gained a pound coming in at 197lbs and then lost that pound  during week 25. I am currently 196lbs again. I know these numbers don't really matter. I actually think I look thinner and have been building some muscle with all this moving the past month.

I'm hoping with things settling down here at my new apartment I can get back into some sort of routine. First and foremost I need to buy a refrigerator stat!!

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