Friday, January 24, 2014

Living Room and Birthday Boy Thomas

Today I finished setting up my living room. Other then the missing/broken plate everything is in it's place and I think it turned out fantastic. It has a very warm and inviting feeling. I love walking through the front door and being greeted by all this geekiness. Now it's time to move on to the other rooms.. one room at a time.

Got the first five volumes of Histories of Middle Earth in paperback. I got them off of Ebay as I want to delve deeper into the world of Middle Earth. I've read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion and loved each and everyone one of those stories. I can't wait until I have some free time to jump into a world that I just adore.

Picked up my buddy Thomas from the Burbank airport today. He was flying in from Utah where he is working for a month stateside, he's original from Ireland. It's his birthday today and he wanted to spend it here in SoCal with me and our friends... yay!!!

I picked him up a little after noon and we came back to my place, where he was crashing. We watched the first two Felicia Day episodes of Supernatural as he had not seen them yet. After that we watched some TNG which it's been years since he had seen. We walked over to Chipotle for some lunch.

For dinner I made plans to celebrate his birthday with some friends at a local Pitfire Pizza. Joining us for this part of the birthday party was Robert, Jes, Dallas, Scott, Rupert, Doug and of course Thomas and myself for a total of 8 people. We had a blast, ate some good food and chatted for a few hours. After dinner we went down the street where another friend of ours was celebrating some good news. So we hung out with Adam, Andrew and Katie for about ten minutes before saying goodbye and heading back to my place. But before we got back to my place we stopped by Will to see if he wanted to join us as well. So he and Becca joined the party back at my place. Also Robert's girlfriend Cait arrived shortly after.

Since Thomas doesn't drink Jes suggested that we all do Birthday cake shots so after singing Happy Birthday and Thomas blowing out the candles I cut the cake into cubes and we all grabbed a piece by hand and shoved the entire thing into our mouth.. it was alot of fun.

I managed to cram 11 people in my living room and we all sat around my coffee table playing some Cards Against Humanity, which Thomas had never played. We played until around 12:30am when we called it a night and everyone headed home.

I was extremely happy that so many people were able to celebrate Thomas' birthday. It was a great night and I hope Thomas enjoyed himself... Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

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