Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bad At Flirting

I went out to breakfast today to my local diner (Noho Diner). While I was there, there was this guy at the counter eating. I sat down at a small table to his right. I noticed him looking over at me and smiling several times. Was he flirting with me or just being nice since we both looked up at the same time and our eyes met. Of course I didn't smile back and instead sheepishly looked away like I didn't see him. This happens more often then not and It got me thinking.. I'm really bad a flirting or recognizing if I'm being flirted with.

But I think that it's difficult to flirt when you are gay. The majority of gay men aren't obvious, it's not like we have a symbol or a certain look that would signify that we are homosexuals, so you really don't know which guys are gay and which are straight. If I think a guy is flirting with me I ask myself are they flirting with me or just being nice "straight" guys, and the last thing you want to do is make a straight guy uncomfortable or a fool out of yourself or even worse yet get the crap beaten out of you for assuming.

This is probably why I don't really "pick up" anyone and tend to lean more towards online dating (when I dated). But I have been assured recently that I actually do know how to flirt, which made me happy to hear but I think that's mainly because I know the guy I'm flirting with is gay. But strangers that's a complete different story.

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  1. I have the same problem, honestly. I'm good at "entertaining" but not really flirting or picking up people. In NYC it's weird because mostly, I can usually make an educated guess as to whether someone is straight or gay, but I don't like to assume anything unless the person actively has identified themselves as much. I haven't gotten interested in a gay man, but a lot of people (when it comes to casting), think I read as a lesbian, so who the hell knows!? HOW ARE WE TO DO THIS?! Hahah :) I, too, rely on online dating to find people to go out with. Then everyone's intent and interests are generally more clear at the outset.