Sunday, January 19, 2014

Guest Room & Fantasy Animals

After breakfast I headed home and continued to work on unpacking boxes. My buddy Thomas is coming to stay with me this weekend so my priority was to get my guest bed built. Again like my master bed this should have been put together by two people but I struggled by myself and managed to only bust off one bolt but it's together and ready for guests.

While I was unpacking a large stack of my toy bins decided to rebel and fell on top of me. I was knocked to ground but other then a sore shoulder I was pretty much unscathed.

I came across a Facebook post about this adorable and realistic looking "fantasy" animals that this Russian woman is making and selling online. You can check out all of her animals HERE. Some of them are extremely cute and others not so much. The picture I posted here is one of my favorites. I'd love to order one but I heard they are extremely expensive and she is working on a huge amount of back orders already. Who know maybe someone will buy her out and start mass producing them and in turn lower the price and I can pick one up... here's hoping she "sells out". :)

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