Saturday, January 18, 2014

Unpacking Frustration!!

The past few days I have been struggling with unpacking stuff. I was hoping my trip to Disneyland this week would help get me focused again but today was a good example of the struggle that I am having. I am overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have. I know eventually I'll find a place for everything but for right now I don't see that light at the end of the tunnel and that makes it hard to continue to unpack.

My usual day starts with breakfast and some TV, then I tackle a room and start to unpack stuff. I normally get to a point where I can't move anything or finish what I started. I get frustrated and stop unpacking and go watch TV to calm down. Well today Notting Hill and Sister Act were on, two of my favorite movies. So what was suppose to be a half hour break at most turns into a few hours. All the momentum and motivation that I had is gone now and it's a struggle to get it back up. Once I do it's back to unpacking for a few hours before frustration sets in again and I turn to TV to calm down and the cycle starts all over again.

I'd love to take a week off from all this moving but obviously I can't. I just got to tell myself to take it one box at a time.


  1. We moved 5 months ago, the majority of our stuff is still in boxes. We're moving again in August, so I don't see the point in unpacking. It's not going to hurt anything to leave it in the box, and if it's stressing you out, then just say "screw it".

  2. No rush unpacking, I moved to the UK 11 months ago, and now moving again (within the uk), I still had 5 moving boxes I hadn't unpacked, so that's a freebie I suppose :)