Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unpacking Day 2, Cable Issues & Girl of Steel

Today I planned to put together my bed for my master bedroom. Only problem is I don't have the instructions and I can't remember which screws go into which holes. I'm gonna have to guess and hope it all works out for the best. This is truly a two man operation as the bed frames are extremely heavy but after a few hours of struggling I managed to get the bed put together and even better is that I didn't have any extra parts. :)

I continued to deal with Time Warners cable... I'm back at their service center returning a tuning adapter. After about an hour wait I exchanged the box and got a new one. I headed back home, hooked it up and it looked like this box was doing the exact same thing that the last box was doing. I called Time Warner and jumped through several hoops before finally talking to a "live" person who couldn't help me so he transferred me the tech department and put me contact with the awesome Keith. With in ten minutes Keith had all my channels up and running and after a week and a half of crazies everything was finally working properly.

Come to find out that the original adapter box properly wasn't broken.. when the previous tech person said that it should be a solid green light and not orange she was wrong. They have two different type of boxes and the one I had is suppose to have a solid orange light. The issue was a missing ID number in their system. Come to find out that Keith and his group do nothing but tech for TWC with Tivo's. So he gave me his direct line just in case I need them in the future...yay!!!

Was unpacking statues and came across what looks to be my only damaged one from the move. Of course it had to be Dobby, those poor house elves are always getting the short end of the stick. I should be able to fix him with a bit a super glue. Let's hope this is the worse of the move damage.

Found out today that my "travel" visa that I opened last year has an 0% introductory financial charge until March of 2014.  I have been living off this card the past eight months. So as long as I pay it off before March I'll pay no "extra" money on it.. woohoo!!!

Came across this awesome website that does custom shoes. Of course I would love to have a pair but they start at $200 and though I'm sure they are worth it.. I just can't bring myself to buying a pair. Oh well I can dream. You can see more HERE.

Totally forgot I had to edit a MASH podcast that's suppose to be released tomorrow. So during the evening I spent the last few hours of the night knocking that out. Got done with it around 11:30pm
While unpacking I came across some yearbooks.. so of course I had to look me up and I tweeted some old pictures of me. From left to right.. first pic is from 84/85 so that would put me in eighth grade, next is 86/87 so that would be Sophomore year and the final picture is my Senior picture from 88/89

And finally I found this really cool fan film for a new Supergirl movie. It's pretty awesome, extremely well done.. I'd see this if it was ever made into a full movie or tv series... check it out. It's called Girl of Steel

And on a fun note.. I watched the premiere of Faceoff with Erik via Skype. It was fun as it was like we were sitting next to each other talking about the show as we watch it. We plan to make this a weekly thing.. man I love fast internet :)

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