Friday, February 7, 2014

Sherlock Series 3 Finale - My Review

During the evening my friends Dallas and Jes come over to watch the finale episode of Season 3 of Sherlock. We also watched the two speicals that aired after episode 2 and 3.

Sherlock Season 3 Episode 3 "His Last Vow" Lady Elizabeth Smallwood is one of many victims of master blackmailer and media tycoon Charles Augustus Magnussen and asks Holmes to retrieve some incriminating letters for her. Having cultivated Magnussen's secretary Janine, Holmes breaks into Magnussen's office but is confronted by a mysterious black-clad woman, who shoots him. He recovers in hospital and goes after her to discover her identity and reason for wanting the blackmailer dead before he and Watson visit Magnussen at his country house for a confrontation and shoot-out.

This episode started off in one direction, with Sherlock seemingly falling off the wagon and back on drugs and then took a completely different turn out of left field that was awesome. They introduce an extremely creepy and disgusting new villain Magnussen. He made my skin crawl every time he was on screen. The huge game changer was the revelation that Watson's wife Mary is an assassin or something similar. She took on the persona of a Mary (who had died or was killed, five years earlier). And then she shot Sherlock!!! I was dumbfounded as I loved Mary and it was very difficult to think that she isn't the person that I thought she was.

And then Sherlock tricks her into confessing to John which was a pretty incredible scene. At the end you find out that Mary shot Sherlock to save him and if she wanted to she could have killed him. And it was great that John forgave her and accepted her for who she is now because she truly loves John.

Again this episode had so many fantastic scenes of going into Sherlock's head and seeing how he solves problems. And then there was then ending, which I kind of predicted but still was amazing.. it was really the only way to finish off Magnussen. And of course the final scene we still the "return" of Moriarty.

Can't wait for series four!!!!

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