Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mice & Action Figures

Today was all about going through my toy bins and looking for any more action figures to put up in my bedroom. In the master bedroom I am putting up Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter along with a few odds and ends. But in order to save space in the bins I would put a few pieces here and there scattered throughout all 50 bins. So every time I think I have found all my figures a few more would pop up. So I spent the majority of the day going through box after box trying to find every last one.

I'm happy to report that about 80% of my action figures are still looking pretty good. The other 20% have crushed bubbles or bent card backs and I knew after all the moving and storage over the years that they wouldn't all have survived. But the worse of the damage were to my Battlestar Galatica figures. I opened a box and there was a foul smell but it wasn't horrible so I didn't anything of it. As I was pulling out figures I noticed a large pile of cotton in the corner of the bin.. I have seen this before and knew it meant mice had gotten in to this bin. What I didn't expect was the dead mouse next to the pile of cotton and as I pulled out figures I noticed that about ten of the figure card backs were actually damaged, some with small tears and some with huge bite marks taken out. As I pulled the last figure out I could see mouse feces and urine stains at the bottom and a second mouse but all that was left of this one was the skin and tail.

Needless to say I tossed the bin with the mouse carcases in it, cleaned up the action figures and stored them in a new bin. I'm bummed that several were pretty damaged but in the end it's all about the action figures and those all still look great.

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