Monday, May 19, 2014

Building a Toy Room

Today was all about my toy room. I spent the entire day on and off working on the room. I have several large book shelves downstairs in the garage area that needed to be brought up. I knew there would be no way I'd be able to bring them up myself I instead I disassembled them and brought them up piece by piece. I have to say that was the best idea I could have had. It was so easy and they were disassembled and assembled within 15 minutes.

Spent the day going through bin after bin trying to organize and figure out which figures I wanted to sale. I'm also discovering quite a few "toys" that I had forgotten that I purchased. Some of them are really cool.

I'm super excited to get this room up, it's been years since I've seen some of them. I've also decided that if it can't be displayed and has to stay in a plastic bin then it has to be sold. I'm sure I won't sell everything but still have a few bins to store but there is no point in having something if it's can't be displayed and enjoyed by all.

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