Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roller Coaster Fun

I got to meet an online friend (Michael) today. We actually met through our love for The Guild. We chat from time to time on Facebook and he was visiting from Kansas this week and wanted to know if I wanted to join him for a trip to Magic Mountain. I said yes of course as I love Magic Mountain and have a season pass.

We got to MM around 10am, got his ticket and got in the line to get in, it opened at 10:30. Once inside we made our way to X2 but it was closed for the moment, we then went next door to Viper and it too was closed. The day wasn't started off that great... We continued up the hill to Tatsu and this one was open so our first roller coaster of the day was Tatsu.

Next up was Apocalypse, every time I ride this coaster I swear it gets faster and faster. Afterward we rode Gold Rusher and were the only two people on it. Next was The Riddler and then Green Lantern which is always a blast.. we were really spinning on that one.

Batman was next and for the first time they were running it backwards and it's a completely different experience.. crazy fun.

We stopped to enjoy some lunch before getting on Wonder Women Lasso of Truth, then we rode Lex Luther's Drop of Doom and boy was it windy so we were swaying quite a bit at the time.

Colossus was next and once again it was going backwards, they have done this from time to time but I had never ridden backwards.. again it was crazy. We then did Scream and Goliath.

Full Throttle was next and I think that was the longest we stood in line.. a little over an hour. The rest were less then 30 minutes each. We made our way back to the front of the park and rode Revolution.

We checked out X2 but it was still closed. We then walked up the hill and rode Ninja before going over to Superman but that too was closed so those were the only roller coasters that we were not able to do. We still had an hour and a half before the park closed so we re-rode Apocalypse and Goliath.

Afterwards we grabbed some fudge and then headed to dinner at Islands (my favorite burger joint and Michael had never been to one).

Back at my place Michael and I hung out and I found out that he had not seen Sherlock so we watched season one, episode one.

Around 10:30pm we said our good nights. It was a fun day, I got to know Michael better and rode lots of roller coasters.. doesn't get any better then that.

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